The Consultancy




Wakallet Consulting Agency is an international consulting firm in Corporate Strategy based in Toulouse, France. The firm answers to your different concerns about the Marketing and Communication aspect of your company wherever you are in the world.

Although specialized in strategy and consulting, Wakallet Consulting Agency is a reference structure for the realization of your visual and digital communication tools.

Aware of the difficulties encountered by many entrepreneurs in carrying out their activities, our firm offers personalized coachings in the fields he describes as prerequisites for entrepreneurship today

Because the business world is not a game of chance,

Because tenacious and determined competitors are in front,

Because entrepreneurship is resolutely focused on competitiveness Wakallet Consulting Agency helps you better prepare to strategically embrace the business environment.



To Wakallet Consulting Agency our activity is based on :


Wakallet Consulting Marketing et Communication

Responding to customer concerns depending on the urgency. The field of business is an environment with twists and turns.


Wakallet Consulting Marketing et Communication

To be able to offer our clients reliable work that would not jeopardize the rate of their activities by exactly meeting their expectations


Wakallet Consulting Marketing et Communication

Develop through an ambitious management, a feeling of confidence in our customers by acting in a fair and clear way in the treatment of their case.