Training courses



Becoming a business man / woman offers a lot of freedom but requires a sense of rigor and a level of responsibility that you can not escape.

In order to better decide on the direction to follow in order to develop your business, we offer training sessions on line related to important areas of the business ecosystem.


Creation of a business

Know how To carry out a market research, develop a commercial strategy, marketing, communication, build a financial plan.

Business plan

How to find a business plan, how to find a position in a market, understand the financial documents, forecast and budget, know how to study a market.


Understanding the functioning of Marketing, Mastering the strategic and operational approach, Knowing how to set its value in a market with its price, define the right communication strategy.

Digital Marketing

How to create and develop a business on the Internet? Develop your customer notions, Develop winning offers, Use content to generate supporters of followers and customers, Take advantage of social networks

Product Launch

To detect the particularity of its product, to be able to set achievable objectives, to know how to establish a product launching strategy proper.

Innovation Management

Designing and evaluating an innovation strategy, Mastering the legal, organizational and strategic aspects of protecting innovation, Ensuring the launch of an innovation, Applying the various models for evaluating and financing innovative projects, etc.


What is communication ? How to draw up a communication plan? Get to know the different communication tools. Get to know how to reach your Target?

Event Planning

Know the different events, know how to create an event and to develop the techniques to reach its audience.